Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Camping Out

I realize that I'm a bit slow getting things up right now. I apologize for that and hope to sift through a lot of the photos I've taken soon as I have several posts worth of material and just haven't taken the time to put it up. When I came back from my friends Allison and Rustie's wedding in Luckenback last month, Tyson surprised me by arranging some of our furniture and appliances in the house. I didn't manage to get any decent pictures with my teeny digital camera at night so instead I'm putting up some food pics from our campfire dinner that night.

Tyson has really been enjoying the challenge of cooking over a fire. As you see above, we tried to make some tacos with rice, beans, chayote and guacamole, but have learned from cooking chayote both over fire and hotplate that it takes WAY too long for this low level of heat. Below, you'll see an action photo that includes our first housewarming gifts, a cactus and garden gnome from the above-mentioned happy couple.

Graduate school has proven to be quite time-consuming (an understatement, I know). I've spent the time since I last updated working on actually changing my thesis with my department to document the Small House Movement and have not as yet been successful. I plan to continue working on documenting this movement no matter what and hope to display it here as I go. I promise to post more soon. I'll leave you with a shot of the house during last month's full moon.


BananaFlip said...

Hey Amanda!
I accidently read "chayote" as "coyote" and did a double take! lol!
I'm glad you are both doing well and look forward to seeing more pictures.

Anonymous said...

May I ask what the average gas, water, and electricity bill is?

Tyson said...

Actually it's hard to say. Water is free from the spring, but costs a little bit of energy to pump up the hill, although almost nothing for the amount I use, and may go down to actually nothing if I switch over to a hand pump or a windmill down the line. Heating is little chunks of wood for the woodstove, which is to say, free. Gas for the oven and hot water heater hasn't been calculated yet; I'm still working on the same 25 gallon tank. Electricity might be around $20 a month (I'm running a hot, bright, halogen lamp for the time being).

HOTCHEF said...

love this site, found it by chance.

i, too live in a tiny tiny house, a treehouse, in a village on the east coast of south africa. too too beautiful. who needs a huge home when you have a beautiful view!!!