Friday, February 3, 2012

Coming Home

Hi. I can't believe I'm writing these words. I lost access to this blog I don't even know how long ago, probably almost two years. The posts you can see now from 2011 were imported from another blog that I started when I couldn't get into this one. But it broke my heart to write there and not really be able to continue the story. I've tried many times to contact support at Google, but when they took over Blogger, they did so without really designating a support staff. All the ownership, none of the help. Basically I locked my keys in my car. Changed a setting and somehow was no longer the admin of my own site. And for two years I've been shut out.

Last year when I got a Google phone, I was shocked to find that I could see *all* the photos from this blog on my phone and I had the option of putting them up on facebook or sending them to myself through email, or what have you. Last week, I sent another desperate plea for support out into the ether and got no response. Said what a great irony it was that I could access these photos on my phone, proof that I was still the owner of the blog, and yet there was no one to talk to in order to verify this, no way to get back in.

Twenty minutes ago, I got onto Blogger and there it was. My blog. Constructing a simpler life. Just sitting there. I cried. I just wanted to say hello. I never meant to be gone this long. I still had people's stories to tell, interviews, photos, and writing to share. I'm living in Nashville now, finishing an MFA in Creative Writing, but I will get back here. Maybe read the piece I wrote about the Tumbleweed Tiny House workshop in the meantime. It sure is nice to be back.