Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Photo Update, with Commentary by Tyson

Tyson - Stove! Here's the PROPANE stove that Manda and I got.$60!!! plus we had a nice day driving around Walnut Creek.

This is our wood. I've scrounged it all from job sites whilst pumping concrete. Note the redwood trellis. Score. Dirtsmith, salvage king.

This is the spring. All our water comes from here. The square plastic catchment in the foreground is runoff collected for irrigation and road construction. Barely visible in the background is the top of the cylindrical concrete catchment we use for our drinking water.

Dirtsmith and Ironhorse (a.k.a. 'Dad') working on the road, using the aforementioned spring water.

These are bricks I intend to use for patio and outdoor space type stuff. The home depot donated them to my parent's church and they were left outside. First-come, first-served. And they all said 'Amen'.

This is the door that I snagged from a Saturday job in Salinas. Note the sweet little viewing port.

This view is sort of the reason behind all of this, and the motivation. Imagine 150 degrees of it.

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